Cleaning of heating oil and tank

Water can sometimes get into your heating oil tank and this generally happens due to rainwater ingress, damage to the tank, a damaged or badly fitting cap or vent or by leaving the lid off. It could also be caused by condensation.

Over time the water in the tank can build up, enter the fuel line and causing damage to the oil burner components and hence causing problems with your heating and hot water.Bacteria can also grown in the water and the bacteria releases an acid that can damage tanks, fuel lines, filters and burners.
If you have a metal tank, the water may corrode the tank and if the water freezes this could also block the fuel line.
Therefore water in your fuel tank can end up being costly.

We are able to remove the fuel from the tank and then remove the water from both the tank (and bacteria if present) and the oil.
we then clean the tank and replace the cleaned oil back into the tank.
This leaves you with a lovely clean tank containing clean oil.

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