Heating System Powerflush

Over time sludge, rust and debris will accumulate within your heating system causing bad circulation and if no action is taken, it will only get worse. This will prevent radiators from heating up fully and being abrasive can also damage valves, burners and other parts of your central heating system resulting in the need to replace parts and of course, cost! 

Having a powerflush will remove the  sludge, rust and debris, removing blockages , increasing circulation which will make the system more efficient and it will also extending the overall life of the central heating system. 

Some other benefits of having a powerflush are: 
Enhanced energy-efficiency.
Improved system reliability.
Potentially lower energy bills
Reduced likeliness of boiler breakdown.
Could increase system lifespan.
Radiators can warm up quicker.
Better quality of heating and hot water.
Reduced noise from boiler and radiators.

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